The collection of the records is the result of the best sports scores recorded by sportsmen and sports women of Homenetmen since the foundation of the organization till the present days.
a) Pan-Homenetmen sports games.
b)  Regional inter- chapter, Navasartian, and sports tournaments.
c) Pan-Armenian games.
At the same time, it was possible to obtain the records for Pan-Armenian games, Republic of Armenia championship competitions, and world tournaments.
Yeghpayr Hratch Der Sarkisian prepared the list of the records that was based on well-known and reliable documents.
Of course, it may happen that some Homenetmen records need to be revised or some deficient indicators will be completed when suddenly unknown data is revealed. Our list is subject to proofreading and additions, provided that each presented datum is accompanied by a corresponding document that confirms its validity.

Validation of Records
The final approval of Homenetmen athletics records is made by the Homenetmen Central committee, after receiving a given record from Regional or Megousi Committee.
The following points are taken into account while documenting sports records:
a. Running competitions:
- Name, family name, address.
- Date of birth and age category.
- Sports type, result (with or without photo finish).
- Event name, date, and location.
- Name and signature of the starter, chief timer, track referee, head of organizing committee, and Regional or Megousi Committee.
b. Jumping and throwing competitions:
- Name, family name, address.
- Date to birth and age category.
- sports type, result (meter).
- Event name, date, and location.
- Name and signature of the head judge of jumping and throwing games, field referee, head of organizing committee, and Regional or Megousi Committee.

Conditions Taken into Consideration
In order to set down the records, the following conditions should be considered:
Male/ Female
Hurdles (110 m.) 105 cm. (100 m.) 84 cm.
Shot put 7.260 kg 4 kg
Discus throw 2 kg 1 kg
Javelin throw 800 gr 600 gr
Hammer throw 7.260 kg 4 kg

The Finish Photo
In the running races, when photo finish is used, the results are announced in 1/100. In this case, the person giving the start signal must have the gun attached to the camera of the finish. In all other cases where photo of the finish is not used, the results are declared with 1/10. Thus, if the wristwatch is 100 m. the result of the running race shows 11.56, the result should be recorded as 11.6. Or, if the result of 200 m.  running race shows 26.33, it should be recorded as 26.4. For this reason, two records conditions are created -
1. The result will be recorded manually without a photo of the finish 1/10.
2. The result will be recorded electronically with a photo of the finish 1/100.

Events for Validation of Records
A Homenetmen member can establish organizational record in the course of the following initiatives:
-Pan-Homenetmen sports games.
- Regional inter-chapter, Navasartian, and other sports tournaments.
-Pan-Armenian Games
-International competitions
Below are the lists of records of Pan-Homenetmen Sports Games, Homenetmen, Pan-Armenian Games, Republic of Armenia and international records.