The Jirair Sarkissian Homenetmen Scouts Fund


On the occasion of the passing of Yeghpayr Jirair Sarkissian, a former member of Homenetmen's Central Committee, a special fund has been created in his honor. The purpose of the fund is to help financially subsidize scouts to attend future Pan-Homenetmen Jamborees that might not be able to be present  Շար...

2022-09-24 |

Homenetmen Central Committee’s Visit to Catholicos Aram I


On Saturday, September 10, 2022, at 11 o'clock, a delegation representing the Central Committee of Homenetmen, headed by the chairman, Yeghpayr Vache Najarian, members Vicken Avakian, Taline Ordoghlian, and Hratch Siserian visited Sourp Asdvadzadzin Monastery and had a meeting with Catholicos Aram I of Cilicia.

2022-09-14 |

11th Pan-Homenetmen Games Program


JULY 20, 2022 - FIRST DAY

Press conference at the "Marriott" Hotel [10.00 a.m. - Facebook Live]

Group practices


JULY 21, 2022 - SECOND DAY

Visit to Yraplur [9.30 am Live]

Sports games- basketball and tennis [Starting from 2.30 in the afternoon]


JULY 22, 2022 - THIRD DAY

Sports games – basketball, football, futsal,  Շար...

2022-07-17 |

Pan-Homenetmen Sports Games Competitions Raffle


The draw or raffle of Pan-Homenetmen 11th Sports Games took place in an online meeting on Saturday, June 18, at 5:00 pm (Beirut time), in the presence of Homenetmen Central Committee yeghpayrner, members of the sports organizing committee, and sports officials from the participating sports regions.

2022-06-19 |

Homenetmen Central Committee Representative Visiting Jordan


On the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the first independence of Armenia, Homenetmen Central Committee member Kouyr Taline Ordoghlian, attended the ceremony organized by Homenetmen Megousi region of Amman and had several conferences with the district board and its members.

The dinner organized on  Շար...

2022-05-29 |

Thirty-Five New Scouts join Homenetmen Tbilisi Chapters


After waiting for almost a year, Homenetmen Tbilisi scouts witnessed an event that took place in Didgori on May 28. Didgori is a historical and symbolic place in Georgia because Tavit the 4th Shinarar and some brave Armenians defeated Seljuk Turks’ army which was five times  Շար...

2022-05-28 |

Vgayyal Gark for Megousi Regions in Europe


On Sunday, May the 22nd, Homenetmen Central Board organized an online meeting for scouts Vgayyal Gark for Megousi regions in Europe.

The Chairman of the Central Board, Yeghpayr Vatche Najarian, as well as representatives of the Scouts Central Board, Yeghpayr Fedi Khajag Kazanjian, and kouyr Taline Ordoghlian  Շար...

2022-05-22 |

11th Pan-Homenetmen Sports Games: 20-30 July in Armenia


After a year of involuntary delay due to the Corona virus pandemic, the 11th Pan- Homenetmen Games will take place in Armenia this summer on July 20-30, 2022.

Unlike the previous games, the 11th games will be marked by several novelties. For the first time, 3x3  Շար...

2022-05-03 |

Participation in Homenetmen Haifa General Assembly of Megousi


During his organizational visit to Jerusalem, Haifa, Yafa, Yeghpayr Fadi Khajag Kazanjian, member of Homenetmen Central Committee, attended the Homenetmen Haifa General Assembly of Megousi on Thursday, Marh 31, 2022.

Before the meeting, Yeghpayr Kazanjian visited St. Yeghia Church in Haifa.

During the  Շար...
2022-03-31 |
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