Participation of Homenetmen in the Pilgrimage to the National Sanctuary Deir Zor


Homenetmen, the Armenian General Athletic Organization, that was born of the Armenian Genocide and migrating Armenians, has been carrying the torch of claim of the Armenian people for 104 years, and it continues the struggle of the Armenian people till they recapture their rights.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Homenetmen members took part in the pilgrimage to Deir Zor and performed their assigned duties boldly.

The Homenetmen Aleppo Chapter scouts greeted Aram I Chatolicosate of Cilicia and his entourage in front of the Holy Martyrs of Deir Zor. They also greeted the Armenian Diocese of Aleppo Bishop Masis Zobuyan, the deputy of the Lebanese parliament and representative of Armenian Parliamentary Bloc Hagop Pakraduni, ARF Tashnaktsutyun Bureau member Giro Manoyan, Syrian Parliament Deputy Jirayr Reisian, National Central Committee member Hratch Hagopian, nationalists Vrej Yakoubian, Suren Vartanian and Diocesan National Board Chairman Sunbul Sunbulian, and members of congregation.

Homenetmen Central Committee member Yeghpayr Manoug Keoshgerian,  Homenetmen Syria Regional Committee members Yeghpayrner Harout Kaprielian and Garo Kalayjian, Homenetmen Syria Regional Scout Committee members, Homenetmen Syria Chapter  Representatives, and Homenetmen members took part in the pilgrimage.

Aram A. the Catholicos greeted the Armenian people and announced the start of the renovation of the ruined memorial to the Holy Martyrs of Deir Zor, and said in his speech: "Today, this place of pilgrimage which was built by our people is in a state of destruction because the same genocide took place here and destroyed this structure which expresses our children’s faith and will power. However, we are not disappointed. Throughout our history, others tried to destroy us, but we rebuilt Others have sown despair in our lives, but we have given hope to our people. Others surrounded us with death, but we cling to life. We are determined to rebuild the sanctuary because we cling to life and never give up.”
"Deir Zor which is the symbol of the resurrection of the Armenian people, we renew our vow to continue our struggle for our rights."