Revised and Edited Scout Books Are Available: “Gagough Tatig,” “Norakir,” and “Norendza”


After years of hard work, the scout books titled “Gagough Tatig,” “Norakir,” and “Norendza” are revised and new editions are published in PDF format in the Homenetmen website (

These books were edited by Yeghpayr Garbis Kabasakalian who was a former member of the Homenetmen Central Committee, and with the discretion of Homenetmen central Committee, they were first published in 1999. Then, after several years of experimentation, they were discussed and reformed during subsequent pan-Homenetmen conferences and meetings, and after refinement, they were approved by the Homenetmen Central Committee.

The second edition of the seven books will be published on the initiative of "Mihran Shimshirian Scout Fund.” Prior to their publication, however, the books will be available electronically, in a new format (paging and design by Yeghpayr Hovik Pampalian) and with a modern twist.

“Miasdgh,” Yergasdgh,” “Ayp,Gark” and “Pen Gark” books will be published just after “Gagough Tatig,” “Norakir,” and “Norendza.”

We wish to notify that “Yeghpayr Mihran Shimshirian Scout Fund” was established in 2014 with donations that were made on the occasion of Mihran Shimshirian’s death. Yeghpayr Shimshiryan was a diligent and efficient member of the Homenetmen Central Committee.