The Jirair Sarkissian Homenetmen Scouts Fund


On the occasion of the passing of Yeghpayr Jirair Sarkissian, a former member of Homenetmen's Central Committee, a special fund has been created in his honor. The purpose of the fund is to help financially subsidize scouts to attend future Pan-Homenetmen Jamborees that might not be able to be present otherwise. Yeghpayr Jirair Sarkissian was the General Scout Master of the Fourth Pan- Homenetmen Jamboree (Greece, 1990) and was always involved one way or another with all scouting activities within Homenetmen. It is the desire of the Sarkissian family and of Homenetmen's Central Committee that donations made in his memory should be addressed to this fund so that no scout will be deprived of participating in any Pan- Homenetmen Jamborees. Donations to the fund can be made through this link:


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