PAN-Homenetmen 11th Sports Games: Second Planning Assembly with Sports Organizers


With the appeal of Pan-Homenetmen 11th Sports Games Organizing Committee, a second online meeting was held on Saturday, May 14, at 5 pm. The online meeting was about the preparation of the sports games. The participants consisted of delegations from the participating regions, representatives of the “Ararat” and “Nayiri” Organizations of Tehran, sports officials, and members of the Homenetmen Central Committee, about 46 participants in all. The first online meeting was held on January 29, 2022, again with a large number of participants.

The meeting, that had taken 65 days before the opening of the sports games, was an opportunity to get familiar with the program of the sports games, and other educational and charitable programs related to these games. The meeting was addressed by the chairman of the sports organizing committee, Yeghpayr Manuel Marselian, and members Kouyr Maria Kevorkian, Yeghpayrner Sevag Garabedian, Razmig Nalbandian, and Aram Tovmas. They presented the corona precautionary steps to the participants of the sports games. Also, they introduced the sports games that were going to be held, the participating delegations, and so on.

On this occasion, responsible kouyrer and yeghpayrner presented the sports gaming PR (kouyr Sandra Vartanian from Homenetmen-HASK and yeghpayr Viken Avakian from the Central Committee) and the stadiums that were considered (yeghpayr Arshag Kevorkian from Homenetmen-HASK), IT work (yeghpayrner Vicken Apelian from the Western United States and Shant Demirjian from Lebanon) and "Hrashk" sports games (kouyr Vania Movsesian from Homenetmen HASK).

The participants watched two of the seven orientation videos prepared for the athletes and received information about them: "The Pan-Homenetmen 11th Sports Games" and "The assistance of Homenetmen to Artsakh."

At the beginning of the meeting, the participants were greeted by the Chairman of the Homenetmen Central Committee, Yeghpayr Vatche Najarian who announced that the Pan- Homenetmen 11th sports games were in progress and that the members were working with great enthusiasm. Yeghpayr Najarian mentioned that the Pan-Homenetmen sports games were not just competitions and games, but also an opportunity for the new generation who came from different regions, to get to know each other, their homeland and roots, and become more enriched with Armenian spirit at the end of the games.

The meeting that lasted for more than two hours came to its end by the words of a member of the Homenetmen Central Committee and representative of the Central Committee to the Sports Committee, yeghpayr Armand Kilijian. He said that the organization of the games was being carried out with great enthusiasm. He admitted that they were facing some difficulties, but he believed that they would definitely overcome all the difficulties and would end with success on July 20. Yehpayr Kilijian also referred to the "Hrashk" games, and noted that these games would be a novelty both for Homenetmen and Armenia.

At the end of the meeting, the participants said goodbye to each other and promised to meet again on July the 9th to draw for the Pan- Homenetmen sports games.