11th Pan-Homenetmen Sports Games: 20-30 July in Armenia


After a year of involuntary delay due to the Corona virus pandemic, the 11th Pan- Homenetmen Games will take place in Armenia this summer on July 20-30, 2022.

Unlike the previous games, the 11th games will be marked by several novelties. For the first time, 3x3 basketball, beach volleyball and golf competitions will be held along football, basketball, volleyball, futsal, chess, athletics, table tennis, swimming and tennis competitions.

The second novelty of the games is the individual competitions. These were implemented for the first time at the Pan-Homenetmen online sports games that were organized this winter. The competitions were a great success and were taken into consideration in addition to the official competitions.

The 11th Pan-Homenetmen Games are marked by the fact that, for the first time, orientation activities will be carried out in advance through seven online educational videos that introduce the participants to the organization's sports history, the purpose and the process of Pan-Homenetmen sports games, fair play rules, capital city of Yerevan, and other subjects.

The athletic games have special programs that are related to charity work and presentation about Armenia. It is planned to implement a program for the benefit of children in the confines of Armenia. Another program is also being developed so that participants will have the opportunity to interact with their national, spiritual, and cultural roots.

The organization of "Hrashk" sports games is also a novelty. "Hrashk" which are sports games for children and young people who are in need of special care, have been implemented since 2018 at Homenetmen Western United States. 200 children and young people aged 12-22 from different regions of Armenia and the Diaspora are expected to take part in the "Hrashk" sports games. A special field and sports equipment are taken into consideration for these games.

The 11th Pan-Homenetmen Games will be held on July 20, 2022 with an official press conference. The next day, the participants of the sports games will visit Yeraplur and Dzidzernagapert, after which the competitions start and last for nine days. The official opening ceremony is scheduled for "Hay Marzigi Ore" on July 22, and the final competitions and the closing ceremony are scheduled for July 29. A victory dance will be held on July 30.

More than 600 Homenetmen athletes from around the world, and delegations from Tehran's "Ararad" and "Nayiri" organizations, are expected to take part in these athletic games.

Pan-Homenetmen Games are not just competitions, distribution of medals, cups, and awards. These sports games create an atmosphere that encourages the senses of nationality and belongingness. The main victory in this case is the Armenians who know how to keep Homenetmen alive for 104 years and know how to live through Homenetmen, inspired by its "marzagan panag,” that is strengthened by its sense of being an Armenian, a generation that doesn’t acknowledge immorality and has the pride of victory, and boundless ambition.

Homenetmen Central Committee