The Homenetmen athlete avows the international sports motto "Healthy mind in a healthy body.” He or she is distinguished from non-Homenetmen athletes by his/her special national profile and devotion to Armenia and Armenians.

While some athletes consider competitions as just sports performances that end either in victory or defeat, the Homenetmen athlete believes that those competitions express the fighting spirit and the will of the Armenian people.

Thus, the Homenetmen athlete –

 1. Adheres to Homenetmen's "Rise and Raise" (Elevate Yourself and Elevate Others with You) slogan. He/she is ready to serve his/her nation and homeland sincerely and faithfully.

2. Is pure in his/her nature, thoughts and morals.

3. On and off the field, he/she is disciplined, polite, and believes in "fair play.”

4. Controls his/her expressions or movements and is devoted to the morality of the union to which he/she belongs.

5. Respects his coach, and obeys all his instructions without further ado.

6. Participates in competitions with the determination to win. He/she never recognizes weakness.

7. Believes that he/she is part of a team, in fact a large family, which in its turn believes in teamwork and cooperation.

8. Accepts victories and defeats with the same sporting spirit, nobility and modesty.

9. Cares about his/her physical health and purity, and stays away from destructive habits.

10. Believes in Armenia and the Armenian Cause and is always ready to enlist in the army and serve Armenia and the Armenian people.