At the beginning of the twentieth century, after four Armenian Olympics in Istanbul and three Navasardian Games that took place after the foundation of Homenetmen, the experience of inter-chapter games was transferred to the Diaspora, where between 1927-1972, 35 inter-chapter games took place in Aleppo and Beirut.These games were organized with the initiation of the Homenetmen Regional Executive Committee in Aleppo and then with the  Homenetmen Regional Executive Committee in the Middle East.

The last of these games took place in Beirut in 1972, two years before the establishment of the Homenetmen All-Armenian Organization. Since 1981, with the initiative of the Homenetmen Central Committee, once every four years, Pan-Homenetmen Games have been organized in various regions of the Diaspora and since 2009 in Armenia.

The first Pan-Homenetmen  Games were held in Montreal and Toronto, Canada, in 1981 with the participation of 8 Homenetmen regions. The teams competed in basketball.

The second Pan-Homenetmen  Games were held in Los Angeles, USA, in 1985, with the participation of 7 regions. This time the teams competed in football.

Valencia hosted the third Pan-Homenetmen  Games in 1990 and nine regions competed in basketball.

Canada hosted the Pan-Homenetmen Games for the second time in 1993. Seven

regions participated in these games and competed in athletics and football.        

Four years later, in 1997, Washington and New Jersey hosted the fifth Homenetmen  Games with nine participating regions. Teams competed in football and volleyball to win boys’ and girls’ championships.

In 2001, the host region was Lebanon, with 10 participating regions. For the first time,

table tennis was played along football and athletics events.

In 2005, the seventh Games which were the last games, took place in the Diaspora. These games were hosted by Greece. Seven regions and the HMAG of Tehran were the participants. Basketball, volleyball, and swimming were the main sports events.

Then, in 2009, 2013, and 2017, the eighth, ninth and tenth games took place in Armenia. Fourteen regions and the HMAG of Tehran participated in the eighth tournament. The

main sports events were football, basketball, table tennis, swimming and chess which was played

for the first time.

During the ninth tournament, the number of the participants reached to 16 regions, and the HMAG of Tehran also took part in these games. These games included tennis and seven other sports events: football, basketball (junior, elder), volleyball (girls), table tennis, chess, swimming and athletics.

Finally, the tenth and the last tournaments took place in 2017. Nineteen regions, HMAG of Tehran, and “Nayiri” organization participated in these games. The sports events played during these games were; football, basketball (junior, elder), volleyball (girls), athletics, swimming, table tennis, tennis, chess and footsal games for the first time. These games were dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Organization. Moreover, they were the largest in the history of Pan-Homenetmen Games, with 1,250 female male athletes, 21 regional teams, and nine sports games.

         The 11th Pan-Homenetmen Games were originally scheduled to take place in Armenia in the summer of 2021, but they were postponed to the summer of 2022 due to the Corona epidemic. Hopefully, these games would not be postponed for the second time, and in the summer of 2022, we would all meet in Yerevan to work together to add a new achievement to the 40-year old Golden Age of Pan-Homenetmen  Games.