The official Homenetmen flag is a rectangle formed by two right-angle triangles. The triangle on the left side of the flag is red, while the triangle on the right side is blue. At the center of the flag is the organization’s shield with the word Homenetmen (Հ.Մ.Ը.Մ.) written below it in Armenian letters.

The Homenetmen flag measures 150 x 100 cm for indoor flags and 180 x 120 cm for flags used during parades. Homenetmen also has a scouting flag similar to the organization’s flag in color and size, the only difference being a large Fleur de Lis in the place of the shield with the organization’s slogan, “Rise and Raise” written below in big letters.

There is a Fleur de Lis on the upper right corner and “1918” – the year Homenetmen was founded - on the lower left.

The organization’s official and scouting flags are provided to the regions by the Homenetmen Central Committee.