Homenetmen has its governing body that leads, manages, and coordinates its operations. The governing body consists of different committees elected through corresponding assemblies – the Central Committee, Regional Committee, Solitary Committee, and Chapter Committee.

The organization’s bylaw regulates the rights and obligations of each committee and their relations to other committees.

Central Committee

Homenetmen Central Committee is the organization’s supreme executive body. It is elected by the organization’s General Assembly, which is conferred once every four years.

The Central Committee executes the strategic decisions made by the General Assembly and oversees their implementation in the regions.

Regional Committee

Homenetmen Regional Committee is the organization’s executive body within a region. It is elected by the Regional Representative Assembly for a period of two years. A region is a country or a state that has at least three Homenetmen chapters and a combined number of at least 250 members.

The Regional Committee manages the operational activities of Homenetmen within a region and oversees the activities of its affiliate chapters.

Chapter Committee

Homenetmen Chapter Committee is the executive body of a given chapter and is elected for a period of one year by the General Members Assembly. A chapter is a Homenetmen structure functioning within a city or a district that has at least 15 members over the age of 18.

Solitary Committee

The region (country or state) that does not have a Regional Committee is called a Solitary Region and its executive body is called a Solitary Committee.


A chapter is a Homenetmen structure that operates in a city or a district. A group of 15 Homenetmen members over the age of 18 are eligible to form a chapter.


A unit is a Homenetmen structure that only has a scouting, sports or administrative core team without having 15 Homenetmen members.