“Nor Jrak” is the 24-page electronic newsletter of the Solitary Committee of Homenetmen in Almelo. It is published once every three months.

“Nor Jrak” is the continuation of “Jrak”, a scouting newsletter the Homenetmen Almelo Chapter used to publish in 2013 in four issues (on January 6, March 10, May 9, and October).

Following a three-year hiatus, the newsletter resumed its publication in 2016. The newsletter was published on January (Year 2, Issue 1), April (Year 2, Issue 2), July (Year 2, Issue 3), and October (Year 2, Issue 4).

In 2017, “Nor Jrak” was published in two issues – the first one in January (Year 3, Issue 1), and April (Year 3, Issue 2).

Below are all the published issues of “Jrak” and “Nor Jrak”.