Homenetmen Jerusalem: Haifa and Jaffa Chapter Events in Jaffa


On September 20, 2021, an inter-chapter event was held at St. Nigoghayos Monastery in Jaffa. This event was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Armenia's re-independence. This event was educational in nature and both Haifa and Jaffa chapters of Homenetmen Jerusalem participated in the event. Hundred  Շար...

2021-09-20 |

Scout Oath Ceremony in Russia


On August 15, at the end of the big Armenian rally paper in Yaroslavl, scout oath ceremony took place.

kouyr Kohar Yunanian from Yaroslavl and Kouyr Eva Saharian from Pereslave reaffirmed their commitment to the Armenian Church, the homeland, the nation, and the Homenetmen  Շար...

2021-08-15 |

The 135th Anniversary of Shavarsh Krissian in Yerevan


On the 135th anniversary of Shavarsh Krissian and on the occasion of Armenian Athlete’s Day, with the initiative of Homenetmen HASG Executive Board, a memorial day took place at the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport on July 22, 2021. Homenetmen Central Committee Chairman  Շար...

2021-07-22 |

Restoration of Homenetemen Artsakh Megousi Region


On Sunday, July 18, 2021, a delegation representing the Homenetmen Central Committee and led by the Chairman of the Central Committee Yeghpayr Vatche Najarian, members Yeghpayr Oshin Piroumian and Yeghpayr Tavit Hagopian, and Kouyr Sandra Vartanian from Homenetmen HASG, visited Artsakh and restored in  Շար...

2021-07-18 |

Scout School-Camp: In The City of Yaroslavl, Russia


On July 16-18, at the initiative of the Homenetmen Moscow Megousi Chapter Executive Board, the “Nayiri” Armenian Community Organization in the Russian city of Yaroslavl hosted a scout school-camp, which was attended by about two dozen scouts from Moscow, Yaroslavl, and Pereslavl.

The   Շար...

2021-07-18 |

The First Pan-Homenetmen Online Jamboree


The first Pan-Homenetmen Online Jamboree (PHOJ) took place on 26 and 27 June, 2021. More than 1000 scouts (over 13 years old) from 25 Homenetmen regions and Armenian Cultural Organization “Ararat” based in Tehran, participated in this Online Jamboree.

The Official Opening  Շար...

2021-06-28 |

Promise Ceremony of 50 Scouts in Tbilisi


On May 30, a promise ceremony for Homenetmen's Megousi chapter in Tbilissi, the capital city of Georgia, was held. The ceremony took place in the Armenian cemetery located in Tbilisi (Georgia).

On this occasion, 50 new scouts joined the organization’s Pan-Armenian large family.


2021-05-30 |

The Start of the Online Course: “Araradian Gark”


On Saturday, May 22, 2021, the scouts online course “Araradian Gark” undertaken by The Homenetmen Central Committee was launched.

Forty-five leaders who meet all the requirements set by the code of the organization, attended the online course. These leaders came from sections, chapters,  Շար...

2021-05-22 |
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