Scouting is an integral part of Homenetmen’s organizational structure. The organization’s scouts are called Homenetmen scouts.

Homenetmen scouting aims to:

  • Equip young Armenians with strength of character and deep moral values, who are always prepared to serve their nation in the realization of the dreams of its people
  • Train Armenians who are courageous and physically fit
  • Develop their intellects, their sense of duty, responsibility, and honor, along with their integrity and servitude
  • Create exemplary citizens by encouraging their cooperativeness, amiability, and good nature.

Homenetmen achieves these goals by:

  • Organizing scouting troupes in Armenia and the diaspora
  • Organizing seminars, educational jamborees, hiking and camping trips, trainings, and conferences to support the national, civic, social, and scouting education of its members, along with training skillful and capable scout leaders.
  • Promoting scouting and expanding its reach by:
  • Organizing parent meetings, public events, and seminars
  • Publishing books and writing articles in the media
  • Implementing special projects to introduce scouting to Armenian youth