1989- After 70 years of disruption, Homenetmen units started operating in Yerevan. Between the years 1990 and 1991, Homenetmen chapters were established in different regions of Armenia.

April 1991- Homenetmen Armenian region participated in the 5th Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization. Yeghpayr Vartan Pakhshian from Armenia was elected as member of Homenetmen Central Committee.

Summer 1991- The Homenetmen Central Board contacted Dr. Jack Moreon, the Secretary of World Organization of the Scout Movement, and discussed about WOSM membership requirements.

1992- The Homenetmen Armenia Scout Charter was prepared and then together with the Program- Charter of the Organization was handed over to the World Scout Bureau (WSB).

1993- The Homenetmen Scout Charter was presented to the World Scout Bureau, and after some adjustments, the charter was accepted. There was only one problem because Homenetmen was the name given to a scout organization and it didn’t contain the name of a specific country. During the same period, the Homenetmen Central Committee multiplied its efforts and connections with the World Scout Bureau through its representatives in Armenia and Paris.

1994- Alexander Bondar, Director of the Office of the Commonwealth of Independent States of WOSM, attended the opening ceremony of 5th General Pan-Homenetmen Camp in Pyuragan.

April, 1995- The 6th Homenetmen Parliamentary Assembly decided to name the Homenetmen Armenia Scout as National Scout Organization of Armenia (HASK) and encouraged the membership growth efforts of WOSM.

29th May, 1995- Homenetmen Armenia Scouting was registered in the Ministry of Justice under the name National Scout Organization of Armenia (HASK).

August 1995- Ten scouts from HASK participated in the 18th World Organization of the Scout Movement Camp in Holland.

October 1995- Jean Cassinio, the representative of the European section of the WOSM, visited Armenia and had consultative meetings with some political figures.

23rd June, 1996- During the 1st Commonwealth of Independent States Camp in Dzaghgatsor, the representative of the "Hay Ariner" Organization in France, handed over the torch of the Armenian scout to HASK.

August, 1996- The representative of HASK participated in the Asian Nations Scout Camp and Youth Conference in South Korea.

17th April, 1997- The WOSM Bureau accepted officially the membership of HASK in its Movement.

September, 1997- Yeghpayr Harout Haroutiunian, Chairman of the Central Board of HASK, held consultative meetings with the members of WOSM Bureau in Geneva.

January, 1998- Jean Cassinio and Alexandre Pontar visited Armenia for Euro-Asian meetings of WOSM.

22nd-23rd April, 1998- The meeting of the Eurasian Scout Region took place in Yerevan. Yeghpayr Harout Haroutiunian, HASK chairman, was elected as president of the region.

23rd December, 1998- 17th January, 1999- Three scouts from HASK participated in the 19th World Organization of Scouts Movement Camp held in Chili.

July 19th, 1998- Alexander Pontar visited the 6th Homenetmen general camp held in Aghavnadzor.

26th July, 1999- The 35th World Organization of the Scout Movement Conference awarded HASK the official certificate of membership of the Movement.