The First Pan-Homenetmen Online Jamboree


The first Pan-Homenetmen Online Jamboree (PHOJ) took place on 26 and 27 June, 2021. More than 1000 scouts (over 13 years old) from 25 Homenetmen regions and Armenian Cultural Organization “Ararat” based in Tehran, participated in this Online Jamboree.

The Official Opening of the OnlineJamboree
The official opening of the Online Jamboree took place on Saturday, June 26, at 5 p.m. (local time in Beirut). The Online Jamboree was represented by two members of the organizing committee, Kouyr Alik Der- Bedrosian Melkonian from Lebanon and Kouyr Sarine Keoseyan from Canada. Also, the national anthems of Armenia and Homenetmen were sung through short videos.

Then, on behalf of Homenetmen Central Committee, Chairman Yeghpayr Vatche Najarian addressed his message to the participants of the Online Jamboree. He noted that this Online Jamboree which was formed and carried out in the most difficult conditions, reflected not only the strong will and the upbringing of Homenetmen scouts, but also the way through which future leaders were being developed.

After Yeghpayr Najarian’s message, the Online Jamboree activities were carried out with great enthusiasm.

The Guest Specialists of the Online Jamboree
The seven subsections of the Online Jamboree were hosted by the following specialists:

  • Armenia tour- Kev Orkian, a well-known host (Britain).
  • Armenian cuisine- Aline Kamakian, coo and restaurant owner (Lebanon).
  • Healthcare- “Thirty Minutes of Sports” with Nayiri Sisserian (France), and yoga with Armen Menejian (Western United States).
  • Sustainable development goals- “To Get Acquainted with the Sustainable Development Goals” by Taline Markarian ( Eastern United States), “Sustainable Development Goals for Scouts” by Nareg Hanneyan (Armenia), “Sustainable Development Goals” by Kevork Hagopjian (Vienna).
  • Scout games- Charades, Drawasaurus, GeoGuessr, Kahoot, Name the Club, What is the Song? Scavenger Hunt.
  • Leadership- “Communication Skills,” “Emotional Intelligence,” “Leadership Development” with Hagop Emrazian (Kuwait), “The Key to Kev Orkian’s Success” by Kev Orkian (England)
  • Conversation- “The Armenian Question” by lawyer Sevag Torossian (France), “The Challenges and the Opportunities of the Diaspora” by Vahe Berberian, actor and writer (Western United States)

Homenetmen TV
In addition to the above mentioned seven subsections, Pan-Homenetmen First Online Jamboree had its own TV channel which twice presented the videos prepared by the regions and the participants (getting acquainted with the regions, bonfires, scout talents, etc.).

Homenetmen TV had some guests; Gladys Berejiklian, the Prime Minister of New South Wales Australia, Sev Ohanian, Armenian-American film producer and screenwriter from Western United States, Dr. Aline Baghdassarian, pediatrician from Eastern United States, Geghard Supreme Archimandite Kusbekian from Canada, and Maria Sarkisian, the founder and executive director of non-governmental organization “Miaseen” from Armenia.

The Official Closing of the Online Jamboree
After 24 hours of continuous operation, the Pan-Homenetmen First Online Jamboree ended on Sunday, June 27, at 5 p.m. All the participant scouts were present at the official closing of the Jamboree and Homenetmen Central Committee member Yeghpayr Fedi-Khajag Kazanjian thanked and appreciated the hard work of the scouts.

Finally, the Online Jamboree ended with the hope of meeting each other at the 12th Pan Homenetmen camping in Puragan.